Industry Leadership Since 1981
Since our founding in 1981, EXLTUBE has been at the forefront of the manufacturing of mechanical and structural tubing. In 2003, a change in ownership resulted in an influx of capital investments to maintain this position. Enhancements were made to our two production lines including the automation of cut-to-length capabilities, a robotic bundling system, and dual-blade milling style cut-off for improved end cuts.
Our standard pipe capabilities were added during this phase as a beveling line, coating line, and hydrotester providing us with the ability to add A53 to our product mix. Our Kansas City facility remains one of the only mills in the nation to produce and ship a mix of steel tube and pipe from a single location, giving our customers inventory and supply chain advantages.
Today, EXLTUBE has grown to over 700,000 square feet under roof for our production and warehousing operations. Our management, sales, and production teams work together to merge the newest technologies with market opportunities. This allows us to capitalize on niche opportunities while remaining steadfast in our commitment to deliver excellence for all our customers.
Our Story