Landoll Corporation is a leading innovator in the agricultural industry. Together EXLTUBE and Landoll plan, purchase, and provide solutions via a customized process created to support and deliver exceptional equipment.Visit the Landoll website.
As the Landoll trucks return from product deliveries, stopping at EXLTUBE saves time and money. Flexibility and backhaul planning are cornerstones of our relationship, ensuring that the exact product is available when needed. It is our experienced Logistics Team that works closely with Landoll to make sure every efficiency is gained from freight and shipping practices.
The EXLTUBE team remains active in production planning to ensure the EXLTUBE rolling schedule compliments the Landoll "Just in Time" manufacturing strategy. This level of coordination is what our Sales Team seeks to create with every EXLTUBE customer.
EXLTUBE's Kansas City location is a strategic advantage for Landoll. As the only tube mill located in the heart of the United States, EXLTUBE has distinct freight advantages upon which Landoll has come to enjoy. As regional business neighbors, EXLTUBE and Landoll both benefit from Kansas City's location as one of America's shipping hubs.

Studio 804, Inc. is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 corporation committed to the continued research and development of sustainable, affordable, and inventive building solutions. This is done by examining, on all levels, the standards of human comfort and the nature of urban spaces. The organization is a comprehensive education opportunity for graduate students entering the final year of the Master of Architecture program at the University of Kansas School of Architecture, Design and Planning.

The goal of each year is to provide students an experience encompassing all aspects of the design and construction process: from working with building code and zoning officials to hiring third party inspectors, from communicating with engineers and neighborhood associations to signing contracts, from doing estimates to driving nails. To date the studio has completed seven LEED Platinum projects and two Passive House certified projects, both rigorous environmental standards for buildings.

Visit the Studio 804 website.

Together, EXLTUBE and Studio 804 are helping to inspire the next generation of architects and engineers. For the last decade, we have donated product every year to Studio 804 at the University of Kansas School of Architecture, Design and Planning in support of their mission of educating students through design/build, an architecture delivery model that is gaining widespread interest in the profession.
The staff of EXLTUBE realizes our impact goes beyond simply developing product. We are part of the bigger architectural design community, helping to build the minds and skills that will shape our country's future skyline and communities. Our commitment to the University of Kansas and Studio 804 supports education opportunities for graduate students entering the final year of the Masters of Architecture program. It is one of the values instilled by our leadership to make certain everyone at EXLTUBE remembers we are part of something bigger than just ourselves.
Through Studio 804, the University of Kansas offers graduate architecture students the opportunity to help pioneer new technologies and advanced construction techniques with an emphasis on LEED and sustainability. HSS from EXLTUBE, with its high recycled steel content, is one of the advanced materials these students choose to utilize. We are proud to have supplied a portion of the structural steel that was used in four of these projects that became LEED Platinum certified. EXLTUBE is inspired by these students and hope that they, in turn, can gain {0}, as we believe that is the best example of the virtues of the hollow shape of tube and pipe.
Our support of the University of Kansas and the Studio 804 project is just one way we further innovations within the steel construction industry. As a member of {0} and {1}, EXLTUBE leadership helped develop a new specification for structural tube, ASTM A1085 allows today's practicing engineers to use structural tube in applications such as seismic and bridge construction where before they were limited. EXLTUBE is always working with our industry to push what is possible.

Person Energy Transportation (PET) seeks to provide mobility for those in greatest need and with the least resources in poor or underdeveloped countries. Many people have lost the use of their legs due to polio, landmine injury, etc. The PET Project is a growing ministry to deliver mobility solutions to them.

The PET has been extensively field tested and is designed to be sturdy, simple to maintain, and low-cost; a PET vehicle costs as little as $250.

Visit the P.E.T. website.

EXLTUBE recently shipped a year's worth of material to PET. The donated tubing will be used for production of Adult Crank PETs.
I tell everyone that distributing PETS was the single most rewarding thing that I did as a missionary in Sierra Leone. To see an individual drag him/herself into my compound and ride out with dignity on a PET - Priceless! Beth Ferrell, retired missionary, 2009.
The PET Project is not wed to just this particular model of machine. Besides raising funds for building PET vehicles, it collects other used mobility devices such as canes, foldable walkers, crutches, and wheelchairs. Even if they need minor repairs/replacement parts, it receives and sends them on to one of its distribution partners, Hope Haven International Ministries, in Iowa. Their volunteers refurbish used mobility devices and distribute along with PETs in many countries.